Cos Wear: Clone

Ever find yourself in an Ultimate battle between good and evil, super powered rivals at your back, and you have nothing to wear? Are you a rapidly aging clone doing everything you can to gain power? Yes? Than this is a perfect fit for you! Dress as an Anime style hero or Villain with COS Wear. This season we bring you “Clone”. It’s what EVERYONE is wearing!

Each piece of clothing has been made to adjust and fit almost every body type. V4, A4, G4, She Freak, Heavy, Thin, Emaciated, Pregnant, I could go on but I think you get the point. Each piece has these morphs and more on a FBM dial for ease of use. The coloring method used for “Clone” Is Easy! Each piece has a Displacement map and “Cavity” map texture. The “Cavity” map ensures that the color is easy to change and still shows a great shadow / cloth fold to it. This makes it easy to make “Clone” any color combination you want!