Verses: Serengeti Rex

Ever want to Summon a Furry Monster from a Dimensional Rift to heal fallen allies? Have you ever wanted to take a little ball of fur out of your pocket to fight Monsters / Evil people? No? How about just having a pet sit next to you for 24 hours a day, yapping ’cause you forgot to feed him at 2pm and play with him for 10 minutes? Yes?

Then Serengeti Rex is for you! He is a part of a new upcomming series called “Verses”. Serengeti Rex comes with (but is not limited to) 3 set hair lengths, Short, Long, and “Feral”. He has facial morphs for his eyelids, irises, cheeks and mouth. But, for a full list of Morphs, please see descriptive picture. He is rigged from Tail to ears to the tip of his nose! Want him to wiggle it? He can! Who needs a morph when it’s all rigged!

Serengeti Rex comes with 12 non-symmetrical Poses for nonstop fun!

Need to breed him to get different colors? No you don’t! He comes with 3 hand painted textures and 6 other colors for a total of 9. Combine that with 7 different eye colors and the possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget about the “Foxfire”. Foxfire is the little eternal ethereal flame that hovers over Serengeti Rex’s head. It has 3 different morph dials so animating is a breeze and LOOKS GREAT! This high resolution smart prop deforms as if it were real fire, and, since it’s parented to Serengeti Rex’s head, keeping it close by is easy!

No post work has been done on these renders. Rendered in Poser 8, Firefly, with Poser8 studio overhead AO light. One click!