Real Skin for Grey Alien

Ever bring the Grey Alien to the stage, wanting to use him/her, only to find it doesn’t really “look quite right”? Worry no more! Real Skin for Grey Alien is a PMD Injection to add a new over all body shape to the grey to look a little more “classic” grey alien… A new texture set as been created to match and enhance the new shape to this great figure!! Real Skin is a new texture set that brings the powerful detailing work of Zbrush to breath new life into your figures. Special attention has been paid to the figure to add lots of detail. GreyAlien now has some real detail to his/her skin! The textures have been painted and made at a 4k resolution (4096x4096px) to get as much detail as possible! A Displacement has been created to get much more detail than ever possible with geometry!

System Requirements: Poser 6 or above and Grey Alien (!GreyAlien2-5 is Standard Legacy Content in Poser 9, Poser 9 Debut and Poser 2012). Poser 9 required to use the SSS included materiel.