Real Skin for Poser Hand

Sometimes you just need a hand! Real Skin is a new series of upcoming texxxtures used for close up renders. This product, Real Skin for Poser Hand, will bring new life into your old character files. Poser Hand is an old figure, as old as Poser 3 if I am correct, but no one uses the older content, yet it IS in your runtime. Why not re-skin old content to make it nice and new again. Hi Res Textures and Displacement maps will breath new life into old legacy content. Like I said, sometimes you just need a hand. Now you can use this prop for close up renders when the hand is one of the main character in the image. This is a 4k (4096×4096) image map, color and displacement, instead of using a tiny fraction of that for any other character…

Poser 6+ You will find your Poser Hand located (most likely) in your Character >Poser 1-5> “Additional Figures” folder