Poser Post Work 102 Render Passes with Darkseal

Render passes are multiple images made to work in concert with one another to achieve more detail than you could get in one render alone. This is a common technique used in all of the tv and movie industry when creating any computer generated (CG) image or video. By using render passes we are able to isolate important aspects of our image so that we have total control over the light, color, specularity, ambient occlusion, shadows, and more. These techniques will set your artwork apart to create more realistic and eye popping images.

In this almost 3 and a half hour course I will show you what types of rendering passes are used most commonly and show you how to achieve them inside Poser using the material room and scene nodes. Take the next step in furthering your Poser Post work by doing more in Poser. After the passes are complete I will teach you what to do with them in an image editing software like Photoshop, Gimp, or any other popular software using layers.

Photoshop CS5 was used in the filming, but almost every technique shown here can be done in any 2d paint program, even the free ones like GIMP…

**Note** Files are .WMV and were created for PC. You will need to be converted (many free converters are available online) if playing on a Mac OR you will need to have a program capable of playing .WMV
Not suitable for work, brief virtual nudity.


Part 1: 56:45 512mb Part 2: 57:52 663mb Part 3: 1:02:17 673mb Part 4: 24:49 293mb

Total running time: 201:43 minutes or 3 hr 21 min 43 sec Total space required: 2.09GB .WMV(Windows Media Video)