Poser Post Work 101 with Darkseal

Poser Post Work 101 with Darkseal

In this 6 part series you will see how easy it can be to turn a plain Jane render, in a program such as Poser or Daz, into a wonderful looking piece of artwork. By adding post work finishing touches afterward in a paint program you can breathe new life into your artwork. “Post work” is anything you do to an image after it is taken or rendered. Over the next 4 hours I will show you post work techniques that will make your images come alive. We will start with a very bland image, using some free items that you may already have in your Runtime folder that clearly has a few issues. We will identify some common problems like poke through and weird looking joint bends and solve them quickly and painlessly in seconds… Issues that some people may spend time and money on inside poser can be gone using some of these methods. I will show you how to add texture, detail, and life to a flat render. You will no longer have to render that image over and over again trying to get the lighting “just right” or search though your Runtime trying to find that skin texture with the forgotten name…

These techniques will save you time and open a new world of creativity to your works. I hope you join me and learn with me in this new series. Thank you!


Photoshop CS5 was used in the filming, but almost every technique shown here can be done in any 2d paint program, even the free ones like GIMP…

**Note** These files are .WMV and were created for PC. You will need to be converted (many free converters are available online) if playing on a Mac OR you will need to have a program capable of playing .WMV
Part 1: 36:23 305mb
Part 2: 40:11 388mb
Part 3: 34:09 345mb
Part 4: 47:40 579mb
Part 5: 46:38 464mb
Part 6: 40:45 440mb

Total running time: 4:05:46 Total space required: 2.46GB .WMV(Windows Media Video)