Lickit 2.0

The tongue. An important feature of any close up render yet many are so low poly one tends to make sure it stays hidden. Now you no longer have to! Lickit 2.0 is a super high definition, high poly count detailed tongue to the tune of over 50,000 polygons. That is more than some figures include in their whole body! This means that there is plenty of versatility in what you can do with it and is not limited in the possibilities in making morphs for all your custom figures.

Originally created and rigged for V4, BUT works well on other figures too. I have included 2 Pose files for removing (and re-applying) visibility to V4’s(also works on M4’s) tongue to make things SUPER easy. You can conform this tongue to work with V4, but parenting the tongue is the BEST way to go to make posing and using this on OTHER figures super easy and versatile.

Poser materials have been included to make the most of any version of poser or Daz you happen to be using. The displacement map included will have to be manually applied in daz if you would like it to be used.

Version 2.0 for Poser 6 or above and Daz, Poser 9 to use version 2 p9 and SSS material included