Darkseal’s Tentacle

Make Cthulhu and the other ancient gods proud by using this new Tentacle, you’ll have TONS of fun with this wiggly wonderful slimy appendage. This is a HIGH RES piece of geometry with over 48,000 polygons. There are SOO many possibilities to be explored with weight maps that one look had to be settled on for the release. Please know, you can go in yourself and reduce some of the map in “lines” to create TONS of different wrinkle effects!!!! IK handle has been added! Turn it on or off for posing ease. Tentacle has been fitted with 3 different “tip” shapes and has 4 full body morphs. 6 different color maps and displacement maps have been hand painted to give your long meat some flair! 2 more bonus procedual materials have been included cause that’s the way I roll, all of which have a SSS shader node. Please take a peek at the “Usage tips” in the readme file for more info on tweeking. Render without the SSS on for a differrent feel! Intended for use in Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012, weight mapped and SSS materials, but… A poser 6 version of the figure has been included, as well as, the main 6 materials (the mapped versions) in Material form AND pose (.pz2) form for Daz users. List of Morphs Tip1 Tip2 Tip3 Bummpy Back Ridged Bottom Skinny X Veiny Materials Bumpy1 Bumpy2 Ridged1 Ridged2 SSS Blue Wax SSS Fleashy Veiny1 Veiny2 Bumpy1 P6 Bumpy2 P6 Ridged1 P6 Ridged2 P6 Veiny1 P6 Veiny2 P6