Manga Doll

Manga Doll is an Anime styled Adult custom figure designed for those who desire a Manga figure with curves. She comes with a dress shirt, skirt, panties, socks, shoes, and a tie. Poses for her body and hands are included, as well as, mat poses for 7 different eye colors. Limits have been used on several different body parts and IK are on the legs.

Hair is not included in this figure package but I have supplied 2 Hair conforming figures for Manga Doll called “Manga Doll Hair Package 1”. They can be found in the Freebie section where this figure is sold. Other hair options work well with Manga Doll too with a little scale adjustment.

List of Morphs
FEP (Few Extra Pounds) (Full Body) Impossibly This Waist (Partial Full Body) Thick Bottom (Partial Full Body) LASH FIX Smooth Lashes Lashes Eye Shape 1 Eye Shape 2 Close Eyes Right Wink Left Wink Top Lid Down Bottom Lid Sadness No Ears Cat Ears Elf Ears 1 Elf Ears 2 Night Elf 1 Round Ears Vampish 1 Mash Ears In Chibi Nose 1 Larger Nose 1 No Nose AAh Mmm Ugh Ooh Close Mouth Lip Injection Scream Comicly Large Open Scream Small Smile Closed Mouth Smile Open Mouth 1 Smile Small Closed Smile Small Open Chibi Cheeks Thinner Ckeeks Horns1 Round Head Longer Chin New You 1 No Belly Button Labia Open V type 2 No privates Large Chest 1 Large Chest 2 Hyper1 Hyper2 Large Chest 3 Nipples Small Chest Cleavage1 Gravity1 Gravity2 Gravity Jump Gravity On Back L Tongue Out

UPDATE**** Cr2 and pz2’s have been corrected as of 2-5-11