Verses: LilDemon

This is the last guy you ever want to see while doing a seance! Lildemon is here to heat things up. Facial morphs, dilating eyeballs… Teeth, ears, and horns that are rigged to move and twist as you please gives tons of diversity and life to Lildemon. LilDemon comes with 7 eye mat pose colors and 7 body mat poses. Changing the body color is super easy due to the “cavity map” method. A Fast-scatter had been added to give a sub surface scatter effect. Just change the colors an make him any color you choose by changing the fastscatter or edge blends… or use the premade MAT poses! Rendered in Poser 6 **as of 12-5-2010 the product files have been updated so that LilDemon loads as standing on the ground and missing character .png is included**